Monday, May 15, 2006

taking a break

As I write today, my hands are covered in white ceiling paint. I decided to do a quick post as I wait for the first rolled coat of ceiling paint to dry.

I always forget the renovator's rule of thumb...expect everything to take three times as long as you think! After I got back from Home Depot today, I looked at the room and thought, "oh, this is going to go so fast!" Then I realized that I had to cut in on the window, the closet frame, and the door and door frame into the room (sigh). So now it's almost three o'clock. My goal is to finish the ceiling, then the cutting in for the walls. Then tomorrow morning I only have to roll the wall paint.

I also have to look for and purchase flooring this week as my S.O. has several days off coming up and said she would lay the floor for me. I'm going with the laminate that looks like hardwood flooring. We have that in most of our house and love it. And it will be perfect for a studio - just dust and mop.

I also want to look for some furniture for the room, shelving, etc. That's the fun part! Thankfully we now have an IKEA in Phoenix, so I'm going to check them out first. My goal is to have this project completely done by the end of next week. We'll see.

I did this drawing of my Starbuck's coffee cup several days ago on a Saturday morning after my honey and I walked down to get our cups of coffee. We sat on the patio and enjoyed a leisurely breakfast, after which I drew my empty cup. Just looking at it gets me itching to draw some more. My creative efforts right now are focused on getting the studio room done. Wish me luck!

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