Friday, May 26, 2006

Ta Da!

I'm so excited! Last night we got the desks installed in the studio, and today I was able to set everything up. It's so nice, and I LOVE it!

I still have organizing and decorating to do, but the bones of the room are finished. I can't believe all the space I have! I actually have room left over, which is amazing. I will probably fill it up with rearranging and taking some things out of the closet in order to put them within reach, but I still have weeding out to do.

The room and particularly the desk area feels so spacious yet cozy. I think it's because of the shelving being fairly close to the desktop; it makes the space feel enclosed (in a good way).

I have to profusely thank my honey for all the help and back breaking work she put into the room. I truly wouldn't have been able to do it without her (I love you!). She's so great at home improvement projects, always seems to know what to do, or if not, figures out the right way pretty quickly.

So, following are other pics of the room. I've been enjoying Pam Garrison's blog
immensely and am getting ideas for decorating. I'm really getting into the glittery, girly, floral vintage thing. It's really resonating with me right now. I painted the room a soft lavender color, very feminine, and I want to do some things to "girl" it up even more. But first I have to sit with the space and see what it tells me.

Last night I couldn't get to sleep because I was so excited about getting up this morning and getting into the room to put it together. So am tired but happy. Now I can begin to work again, yah!!


bridgette said...

wow! looks great with so much organization bins and shelves. It really helps me to keep everything organized like that. My studio may not be neat/clean, but it is organized!!
have fun making your space even more yours. :)

carla said...

This looks great! I like that you have all your supplies so well organized and within reach. I have been wanting for the longest time to organize my space, but the sticking point is a huge couch that is where I want to put an art table and some shelves. Once we figure out where to move the couch, I'm all set! Enjoy your new space!