Wednesday, May 10, 2006

A little of this, a little of that

Photo from the Desert Botanical Garden, Phoenix, AZ

I've been cleaning out my studio this morning, and needed a break to have some water and organize my thoughts, so I figured I'd post as well.

Played with the above photo in Photoshop this morning and had fun. I like the look of it, though the color is not terribly realistic. It looks like it was done with the old method of painting the actual photos with the photo inks. I have a ways to go before becoming a pro with Photoshop!

Now on to a completely different topic; home decorating magazines are dangerous. We've been working on our patio lately trying to make it a nice space to hang out in. It's coming slowly, but has a ways to go. I was perusing through Better Homes and Gardens last night and saw THE COOLEST patio a woman in Portland, OR had done. Her patio looked like a sumptuous hideaway, with soft chairs, turkish rugs, antiques and beautiful plants. It got me thinking about our patio, and how I'd like to make it look as beautiful and inviting as this gal's. However, I'm on a serious budget! I'm going to browse in thrift shops and the like to see what I can find that I can fix up for out there. If I end up with a patio half as nice as hers, I'll be happy.

Well, enough relaxation...I'm putting the IPod back on and heading into the studio for more cleansing and emptying.

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paula said...

Hello there, I was referred to your site by Corey:) I just wanted to refer to the drawing you did of your breakfast the other day! I love it and I LOOOOVE Danny Gregory's book and have been devouring it for a while now. I'm glad to see that someone else is venturing into this type of illustration. I was always drawn to pen and ink illustrations like his. When I saw your pic of the teapot, I knew you must have read it too. I just love how free it now feels to draw in the way the way he talks about. I've always been known to be good when it came to drawing my surroundings. Perspective and relations to objects, and detail is what I focused on. I had to sit in front of the object and actually try to "get it just right." I had no problem with that but eventually I found it too tedious. Now, when I want to sketch, yeah I still pay attention to detail, but I feel freer without a ruler, without rules. A mistake? What mistake? That's what "I" see, it's "my" perspective...At first it's hard. Doubts keep getting in your mind about quality but I tell you, keep it up! I have let go of perfection and put more emphasis on how "I see the world" not how it "should" look. I love your drawings so far. I haven't ventured towards watercoloring mine yet but I have bought a watercolor set for the future. I hope you keep this up and post it because I love the illustrative work in journals and yours is up there along with the rest of them. Well, have a great day. Hope this gives you a little push!
Paula R.