Monday, August 11, 2014

Back again

I am back from a wonderful time in Cape Cod. I'm happy to be home, but I sure miss the nice weather. It's SO hot here! But we are on the downside of summer, so that's good.

Many changes happening, all good. My partner and I tied the knot in Massachusetts while she visited for two overlapping weeks while I was there. We got married in my parent's back yard. It was a beautiful ceremony, and so special. Just family, very small and low key.

Then about two weeks ago, right after I returned, a little stray kitten showed up in our yard. He's all black, absolutely adorable and sweet (his name is Henry) and I have not been getting a lot done since he arrived! He's too active for me to get a photo, but I will try and capture one soon. My honey isn't sure we need 4 cats (crazy cat lady starter kit, anyone?), but I think if we can get the other cats acclimated he will be a great edition to our household.

I have also been hard at work on my fall line of jewelry. I have a couple of new shops, so am getting some pieces together for them, and I need to get some new pieces in my etsy shop too. I want to hit the shops hard before the holidays and reach my goal of 40 shops by the end of the year. I'm up to 27 shops now, so we will see where I end up.

Here's a little peek at the fall line: