Friday, May 12, 2006

buddhas, drawing and purging

This is a drawing of a Indonesian buddha head statue I purchased a couple of weeks ago. It's made of a wood composite type material, and is kind of a bronze color. I love the facial expression; so peaceful. The hard part of this drawing was capturing the texture. I'm not happy with the way I portrayed it and will draw the head again to see if I can make it look better.

Meanwhile, work in the studio continues. Today we move out the furniture so I can begin painting on Monday. I'm still up in the air on color, but I'm leaning towards a light lilac color. The rest of my house is sort of Santa Fe/Southwest-y kind of colors which I love, but I'd like my studio room to be frilly and super feminine, since I don't have that anywhere else in the house. So, lilac walls, white shelves and furniture; sounds good.

I hope to have the room back together in a couple of weeks. In the meantime, expect to see lots of drawings till I can get back in with all my supplies and play.

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j said...

Hi! Your creativity is inspiring! I love your photos and this Buddha is my favorite.-- love, Janny