Monday, May 01, 2006

drawing 101 continued...

Am struggling today creatively. The world feels kind of gray. After a wonderful weekend filled with friends, activity and fun, today feels lonely and quiet. I have been drawing this afternoon so it hasn't been a total loss, but nothing is working well, nothing is coming out the way I want. Part of the process for me, it seems. Ebbs and flows.

The drawing above is one I did at Artfest in Sas Colby's class. It was like an ink blot, in that we drew our image with a lot of ink, then folded the piece of paper together. It leaves all sorts of interesting marks.

One of my drawings that I did today bled through to the other side of the paper, and the bleed is much more interesting than the drawing itself. I'm going to play with it and see what happens, see if it just turns into a mess or morphs into something interesting.

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carla said...

This looks like a bird looking over its shoulder! It has an Asian feeling to it...I like it! I think it's really fun to take chances with your media and then work from the results...sometimes the best serendipity happens!