Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Computer day

So I survived the beginning stages of cleaning my studio. These journal pages came out of that effort. I found a really cool black and white photography magazine that I didn't remember I had (what a surprise, huh?) and it got me inspired.

Back to the studio...right now it's even worse than it was before I started, mainly because I began pulling drawers apart and organizing. It's quite a job. I have big pieces of paper, little pieces of paper, tiny bits of collage material (some of which I used yesterday in my journal so I could get it out of that room!), pieces of fabric; oh my. I have company coming over this Saturday for dinner (can't wait to see you, Ed and Heidi!), so I'm going to wait until next week, then clear the entire room out and paint it. Then we'll do the flooring, shelves, furniture and I'll organize and move it all back in there. I'm very excited! It will be so nice to have a pleasant space to work in and not a junk room.

Today I've spent the better part of the day on the computer. We have a fridge we need to sell, so I had to get a photo of it and list it on Craig's list, then I set up a store and listed a few items on, and I added my website and etsy site here. Listing takes awhile as I had to take photos of the work, adjust them to work for the web, do a banner for my store (and someday I'll figure out how to add a banner to the blog...anyone with tips, let me know!), etc.

I found a lyrical figurative painter today called Caroline Magerl. Her website is Haunting, spiritual work. Check it out!

I'll close today with a quote:
I have forced myself to contradict myself in order to avoid conforming to my own taste.
::: Marcel Duchamp :::


Heidi said...

Can't wait to see you guys this weekend!! While Ed gets his lessons on shower installation, I'll have to get my lesson's on blogging!!

carla said...

Kathy - I really like these journal pages a lot. I like that you've concentrated a just a few images, and i like that they're large. The raven with the golden ring is perfect - the turn of the head and the sweep of its wing. It's a geat balance with the face on the upper left. But the best thing about this is that it's not sentimental...just striking and evocative.