Wednesday, May 24, 2006

relaxing in the sun

The day I did this drawing seems like a century ago. Sitting outside, a light breeze swirling gently around my chair, teacup in hand, enjoying breakfast and deciding to draw my legs.

Now it's far too hot to sit outside on the patio in the morning (east facing patio in Phoenix in the summer; not so good), and I haven't done a drawing or anything art-wise in over a week.

I've been so busy working on the studio and rather paralyzed by the chaos around me that I've just sunken into a stupor. Right now my dining room is complete chaos, the patio and garage are both filled with my desktops (still yellow; bummer), the tools we've been using, and other assorted junk. There's a big patch of water just outside my back door from the leaking water heater that was supposed to get replaced today but couldn't because it was too big for the space. I spent about an hour pulling a cabinet off the wall so the heater will fit, and the fellow's coming back tomorrow to install it. The guest bedroom and the master bedroom are both disaster areas due to remodeling in other parts of the house, and we still don't have a functioning master bathroom.

Today in addition to errands (grocery shopping as we had no food in the house, etc.) I did begin organizing and cleaning the studio. I started with the closet and made some real progress. I got some stuff out of the master bedroom that's been in there for months that belongs in the studio. I hope by the weekend to have the studio in some semblence of working order.

In the meantime, it's back to drawing something, anything, every day. If only I can find my pens....

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