Saturday, August 12, 2006

photo collage and embroidery

Yesterday I had a little time in the afternoon to work on my France journal. This is what I made. I took two of my photos from France along with some other ephemera and put them all together in a simple collage. The gate photo I played with in photoshop to give it an "antique, vintage" feel. The background was a mural on a wall in one of the villages. I loved the colors and the organic look of it. I'm sure I will use this mural in other art. I have some ideas brewing already.

In other news, if you're looking for a jolt of inspiration no matter what medium you work in, I suggest checking out "Colorful Stitchery" by Kristin Nicholas. Her work is so colorful, so full of life! I didn't know crewel work and embroidery could be so cool! You know, I always think of those cutesy cross stitch or tapestry projects of teddy bears and floral scenes when I think of embroidery. Not anymore. I know I don't need another craft addiction, but I just love her style and work. And it certainly ties in with the other things I do. It's painting with thread instead of paints. So cool! I ordered one of her kits off her website and can't wait to get it and start stitching! I attended a hand quilting class the other night as well. I'm feeling itchy to do some handwork, but knitting and crocheting aren't cutting it at the moment. I think I have craft ADD!

One of my friends is coming over today and we're heading to the quilt shop together. She'd like to make a quilt and I offered my assistance in getting her set up with the basics. I'm looking forward to the visit to the shop and hanging with my friend doing crafty stuff.

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kirsty said...

Love your collage! It really looks beautiful. And thanks for the info on the book - even the cover had my knees wobbling!!