Tuesday, August 29, 2006

figure drawing today

This is today's sketch from Life Drawing. It was a 20 minute pose, so it's pretty basic, but I like the line in it.

I have to tell you, this class is a challenge! I'm understanding the teacher, and it makes sense when she does things, but then when I try to apply them to my own drawing, it's like everything she said has run away to a non-functioning part of my brain. But if I can get it, I can see that my whole way of drawing will change for the better.

She talks about shapes and masses, breaking everything down to shapes first. The body can be looked at as a series of shapes. Combining the proper shapes makes a body that you can then refine from there. Today we focused on hands and arms. And once again, we began with shapes. Also the cool thing is how mathmatical the body is, how perfectly proportioned we are. It makes me more aware of the mystery and magnificence of nature, of the Universe.

Anyway, we only had time for a 20 minute pose today (hence the above drawing) but on Thursday we will draw all class time (about 3 hours). That will be exhausting but rich. In the meantime I plan to practice, practice, practice!

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kirsty said...

You did a great job! Life drawing is so difficult (I think!).