Sunday, August 06, 2006

painting a day

doorway in Goult, watercolor

I recently looked through Domino magazine and saw an article on what some artists are doing; namely a painting a day. These artists committed to doing one painting every day, something small that takes an hour or less. I love this idea and am considering adopting it myself. I emailed one of the artists, Nicholas Jainschigg, and we had a lovely e-conversation about the project. He also incorporates journaling into his paintings. When you visit his site and click on a painting, there's a description of each one, the process he went through, location, his thoughts on it, etc. His paintings are beautiful. Check them out!

I've been working a lot in watercolor, as you've seen from my posts. This is a new medium to me, and I need to study more about it and learn how to use it. I'm flying by the seat of my pants right now, and want to have more confidence in what I'm doing. The main thing I'm studying is how to mix colors and what colors are transparent vs opaque. I acquired a great little book called "Watercolor Palette" that shows color combinations by mixing different paints together. I'm learning a lot from it.

The watercolor at left works, but I need more control over color. I couldn't get the exact color I wanted in some spots. So I'll continue to play and read.


kirsty said...

Paintings are looking great! Another book that is very helpful for learning effective colour mixing is called "Making Colours Sing". Can't remember who wrote it but I learned more from that one book than any other I've ever read.

bridgette said...

I love the top watercolor!

About once or twice or a year I challenge myself to creating a piece of art a day. I create the mixed media panels that I bind as journal covers during these challenges. It's hard! But so worth it. I find that with each challenge I grow tremendously. You get to a point during the challenge where things just happen. A lot less hestitency and second guessing takes place. It's a good feeling!

I always give myself the weekends as a break though. Otherwise I can go a little nuts! You should do it! Good luck!