Tuesday, August 22, 2006

my first days at school

Well, I've survived the first two days of school! So far it's been mostly going over what we'll be doing in class, getting supply lists, etc. Tomorrow (Wednesday) we start doing actual class work.

So, my classes are: Human Relations in Business, Small Group Communications, Two Dimensional Computer Design (we're learning Adobe Illustrator...I'm so excited! You can do so much with it!), and Life Drawing.

I think my favorite classes will be two-d computer design and life drawing (which is anatomy and figure drawing). Both the teachers are great! For the computer class it's a fellow about my age, cool in a geeky, artsy, computer guy way. The drawing teacher is young; I'd say maybe 32 at the outside, slim and oozes artiness. She has long straight hair dyed a vibrant red, was wearing a cool choker necklace, and has some beautiful tattoos. She just got back from doing on site sketching for an independent movie being shot in South Africa. What a way to spend your summer break!

Mostly I'm the oldest person in my classes (including my teachers!) so that's kinda funny. My classmates are all very young kids, 18-20 for the most part. But I did chat with a few people yesterday, so it's good. Hopefully I'll feel like the "cool auntie" to some of my classmates.

We begin drawing on Thursday, so I'll post some figure drawing stuff then...


d. said...

Hey, Kath! I think it's so great you're going back to school! Don't worry about the age thing...it won't matter. They'll like you no matter what! Can't wait to see you Friday!


Heidi said...

You'll be the "cool auntie" for sure!