Tuesday, June 13, 2006

weddings, babies and life

I have several wedddings coming up as well as a few babies, so I decided I better get to work on some gifts. This painting started out as a wedding gift, but it kind of morphed into something else. It doesn't look very "wedding" to me. More of a virgin mary/goddess thing happening. I used some of Anahata's "Spare Parts" collection and like what they add. Will go back to the drawing board for a more "wedding-ish" feel.

Speaking of the drawing board, I also did a drawing this morning of my sleeping poodle. She's an easy subject to draw, as she REALLY likes to nap, so stays nice and still. She got a haircut about a week and a half ago, so she's a trim little poodle right now.

After posting, I'm back to work on a new piece. We'll see where this one takes me...

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