Saturday, June 24, 2006

sock dog

I got this great book at the wonderful Japanese bookstore in Seattle back in April, and finally got around to making the dog pictured on the cover.

The book is full of the cutest glove and sock animals, and the instructions to make them are very clear, even though it's all in Japanese. There are step by step photos to guide you through the whole process.

It seems that Japanese craft books are really hot right now. I've seen mention of them in other blogs recently. My friend Dawn is really into them right now as well, and told me she ordered some off of Amazon Japan! Way to go, Dawn!

The graphics are very clean and simple, which I like. There was another book there I looked at that pictured little knitted kitties participating in various activities; having a bowl of soup, looking out the window, sitting in the garden. It was fresh, original and adorable! Funds prohibited me from purchasing that one however (sigh).

Somehow my dog doesn't look half as cute as the one pictured here...hmmm. Maybe they used a different sized glove?

I may have to try this again.

Here's a photo of my big kitty, Butters, snuggling up to his new sock friend....
He's so cute (the cat I mean)!

Well, I guess it's back to the drawing board, or the glove department!


d. said...

Aww, he's cute. Butters really likes him! :)

d. said...

BTW: I still haven't found the gloves!!!

One Crabapple said...

oh I saw this book !

YOu did great job on him !

It is adorable !

( multi talented Woman ! )