Tuesday, April 25, 2006

"When We Were Angels"
Acrylic and collage on canvas

I can't believe it's after 5:30pm already! The day flies when one is creating. Did the painting above today. It felt good to work again after a few days off. I don't know if it's just that it's spring, but all I want to do is make stuff all day, everyday!

I received a couple of great books in the mail yesterday...
The first is "How to Make a Journal of Your Life" by D. Price. It's a petite little book, really fun, and his drawings are wonderful! Between that and Danny Gregory's "Creative License" book, I'm ready to begin sketching things out in the world. I have my little sketchbook and pen at the ready in my purse, and now just need the opportunity to go out there. I HAVE to take the car to the car wash this week, so that will be my first foray into public sketching. I'll let you know how it goes.

The second is "Knitted Flowers" by Nicky Epstein. It's luscious eye candy; even if you're not a knitter just look at the photos and you'll come away inspired. I'm only a couple of patterns in, but I can tell knitted flowers will be coming off my needles sometime soon!

The arrival of my book was serendipitous, as I had knitting on my mind. I met my friend Dawn yesterday afternoon for coffee and knitting/crocheting. We're both just learning crochet and enjoying the book"The Happy Hooker" by the gal that did the "Stitch n Bitch" books. If you're looking for a crochet book with cool patterns, I highly recommend this one. I've started the flower scarf (with the help of my patient mother-in-law who's been crocheting for years), and Dawn wanted to get going on it too but had a couple of questions. So we sipped our beverages and I passed along a couple of hints from mom that helped me with my flowers. I worked on a cute little mini poncho that I'm knitting while we chatted. It was a gorgeous day outside and we sat in the shade and enjoyed the light breeze. What a great way to spend a Monday afternoon! Unfortunately, my flower book arrived after I'd met with Dawn, so I didn't get a chance to show it to her. Next time...

I'll end today's post with a wonderful quote I came in D. Price's book...
"Be strong, and do not betray your soul, carry your light to illuminate your destiny. Rejoice, for you are a part of the Great Mystery!"

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