Friday, April 21, 2006

hanging out with the furry babies

Couldnt resist snapping a couple of pictures of my Cosmo (aka "Little Kitty"), lounging behind the bowls on the buffet in the dining room. She came to us back in November, a couple of weeks after we lost our sweet Cleo, a 16 year old toy poodle. We heard meowing outside the front door, and lo and behold, there was Little Kitty, bottom jaw horribly broken. We rushed her to the vet, and it wasn't clear whether she would make it or not. But, tough little thing that she is, she survived and is flourishing.

And then there's Ginger, our 5 year old toy poodle we adopted from the Poodle Rescue Group in town. She's the most affectionate dog I've ever known, and we're both completely in love with this little sweetie. She has us wrapped around her little poodle pinkie and she knows it!

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