Monday, April 17, 2006


Now begins my second post and the adventure of uploading photos to this blog. I'm so new at this, and it's kind of nerve-wracking trying to figure it all out. I'm posting some paintings and journal pages that have been done within the past couple of weeks since my return from Artfest, an amazing art retreat held every year in Pt Townsend, WA.
The piece above was painted last week in a 3 day frenzy of creating. It's called "Home", and is acrylic paint and collage on canvas.

This piece was painted prior to my trip to Washington. As you can see, I'm drawn to brilliant, saturated color.

This is one of my journal pages I did after returning from Artfest. She just flowed onto the page.

These two images were also completed in my journal after Artfest. These pages were inspired by a feature in an old Vogue magazine I'd had for awhile. I saw them while flipping through the magazine for collage materials for a painting class I took with Diane Culhane (phenomenal artist!!). They caused me to reflect on beauty and our society's conception of female beauty (young and thin). Yet there is such beauty in the above forms as well; abundant curves and shadows, interesting shapes and fullness. I wanted to represent that viewpoint with these pages.

I'm going to post new art very frequently, so if you like what you see so far, please stop by and check it out!

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Tonia Davenport said...

Hi Kathy, I found your blog from a link on Corey's blog. She's right, your work is just wonderful and I will check regularly to enjoy more. I too took Diane's class at ArtFest (last year) and I love her work more than words can say. In fact, I blew my whole vendor-night stash at her booth! Take care, Tonia