Thursday, April 27, 2006

Mocha Java Time!

"Mocha Java Time"

Forgot I had this little painting waiting in the wings to be posted here. It was a fun piece to do; as you can see I was feeling very colorful that day! I did this shortly after returning from Artfest. I was still in massive color brightness mode. And I had enjoyed some YUMMY coffee while in Pt Townsend. Those Northwesters sure know how to make a luscious coffee!

It's a gorgeous day today in my neck of the woods. High of 74 degrees, sun shining. I'm considering going out into the yard and drawing some of the plants we've just put out there. Some interesting shapes and colors. I also may start another canvas. I particularly liked my dog in yesterday's "falling" painting, and have a small canvas that would be perfect for further exploration of said doggie. Yesterday's painting was challenging, but I enjoyed it very much. I want to add more line to my work, pencil marks, random splotches. I feel that my work is still very controlled, I don't take a lot of chances. It was fun to play with line, though a bit uncomfortable too. More exploration is needed...


carla said...

Hi Kathy! Thanks sooo much for your very sweet and encouraging comments on my blog. You really made my day! And thank you for the link - I put you on my blogroll too. You have such wonderful work here:> I love this coffee's so colorful and decorative, and the "falling" painting below has such an introspective mood. I love the star patterns in the sky. Aren't you lucky to have gone to Artfest! That must have been an amazing experience. There's nothing more energizing than being in a community of creative people. BTW, you can submit your illustration for IMT by simply going to the website and posting the link of that post. Easy!

Take care -

Norm Duve said...

Kathy-Great to see some of your artwork out there. Lynn and I think it's cool.