Saturday, December 04, 2010

How I spent my thanksgiving vacation

I spent this Thanksgiving in Arizona with my partner and her family. We drove up to Bagdad, AZ to spend a couple of days enjoying wonderful food, lots of card games, and general relaxation. I brought some crocheting with me; it was the first time I spent a good chunk of time working with yarn since my elbow tendinitis set in a few weeks ago. It was OK that weekend, which was good. Unfortunately, it's far from healed, so I still have to pace myself when it comes to crafting.
Bagdad is a VERY small mining town in the middle of the desert. It's sparsely populated, which means nature is all around. It was incredibly quiet. One doesn't realize how much ambient noise there is until one visits a place like Bagdad. The quiet fed my soul. And the stars at night! What a show! It got quite cold at night, going down into the 20's and the first day we were there it only went up to the mid 40's. The second day it got into the mid 60's with the sun blazing. A perfect day for a little walk, which M and I did. Here are some other views:
We headed back to Tempe on Saturday and enjoyed a lovely rest of the weekend together. Now I'm in full Christmas mode, getting ready to travel back east to Massachusetts to visit my family there.

Tomorrow I'll post a before and after project I finished, and give you the recipe for a yummy chicken tagine I threw together recently. Till then, enjoy your weekend!

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