Wednesday, December 08, 2010

A Christmas gift for you - a fast and easy knitting pattern

So the pressure's on, Christmas is only 17 days away and you're looking for the perfect gift for your best friend, mom, Billy's teacher, and Aunt Tilly. Well, here's the ticket. A cute little wrap scarf I created that's a cinch to make. It's super easy and can be knitted up in about an hour. Here's the skinny:

Open Weave wrap scarf

I skein Lion's Brand Wool Ease (in any color you like - the scarf pictured above is in Butterscotch)
Size 13 needles (I've used size 15 before and it works just fine, too)
Darning Needle

Cast on 8 stitches.
Knit 8 rows.
On the 9th row, knit the first stitch then wrap yarn around needle from front to back twice. Knit the next stitch, then wrap the yarn around the needle twice. Do this to the end of the row, then knit the last stitch.
*Knit two rows. Repeat row 9.* Repeat the instructions between the astericks till you have a total of 7 open weave sections.
Knit 4 rows.
On the 5th row, make a buttonhole. The size of the buttonhole depends on the size of the button. For the scarf shown above, I bound off two stitches, but on other scarves I only needed to bind off 1 stitch.
Knit the next row, casting on however many stitches you bound off.
Knit 2 or 3 more rows, then bind off.
Weave in ends, then sew your button onto the scarf using your preferred method. I use regular needle and thread to sew mine on, but you can use yarn or embroidery thread, whatever you like.

Easy Peesy!

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