Saturday, November 04, 2006

rubber stamps and scrapbooking

This is a set of pages in a journal I'm doing to remind myself of certain concepts I often forget in daily life. Like breathing. Trust. The basics. It was fun today to pull out my supplies and get a couple of pages done. I'm not terribly happy with the picture above. I need to get a little better with the camera. The colors are much more vibrant in person.

This morning I went to the semi-annual rubber stamp convention at the Mesa Convention Center with a friend of mine. I realized that I am SO not into rubber stamps anymore. Not that I was huge into them to begin with, but there was nothing at that show that interested me in the least. The only rubber stamps I seem drawn to are alphabet stamps. Other than that, not so much. We went to a local scrapbook store after that, and I thought, "Now we're talking!"

I've been seeing so many cool art/scrapbook things lately. I stumbled upon this site by Shimelle that I absolutely love. It makes me happy just to look at it. Her colors and fun sense of style really make me smile.

Check out her "5 Favorite Things" mini book. So fun, bright and happy!

I'm wanting to work with photos more lately. I keep thinking about new ways of journaling, capturing things I'm not right now. Hmmm...


twistedsoda said...

I just crossed across your site! very ultra cool!!!

bridgette said...

I'm the same with rubber stamps. I've never used them...except for the alphabet stamps. I love those! Especially the ones from Turtle Press. But I've always liked to make my own stamps. That's fun. And it's mine and I can use them in my artwork without feeling like using someone else's vision.

I hope you're doing ok. Sound like you are doing more than just hanging in there. Been thinking about you. :)

Take care,