Thursday, November 02, 2006

more figure drawing

Here's another drawing from class. It looks slightly different now after the critique the other day. I changed the "halo" around his head in the background, and made the whole thing more uniform and illuminated. This morning I have a little time, so I'm going to play a bit in one of my journals.

I was looking at Anahata's blog this morning. I love her blog! It's always filled with beautiful images and inspiration. I like how she talks about all aspects of creativity. Recent posts have included ideas on interior design, which I love. I'd like to incorporate more of that into my blog as well. Am feeling a little stale lately in the posting department.

I want to fill my world with beauty right now. My big thing design-wise is pattern, really feminine pattern with lots of flourishes, brocade, sparkly things, etc. And flowers, always flowers.

She mentioned a site called Brocade that I checked out. Wow. I signed up for their free catalog.

I love the colors, the delicacy of the look, so pretty, classic.

I really like all kinds of different styles. Sometimes it's tough to pick out my favorites. There are so many beautiful looks, patterns and textures out there right now. It's kind of overwhelming! I love the ultra-feminine, girly look, but also like the clean lines of the new retro patterns as well.

The trick is to replicate some of these looks without spending the insane prices they want. Thank goodness for Target and IKEA!

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