Saturday, November 25, 2006

a little something

Here's a little journal I've had mostly finished for awhile and finally finished today. It was just a plain tiny notebook from the drugstore, but now it's embellished and ready to enter my purse.

My little cat has a respiratory infection that she can't seem to shake, so today we're heading to the vet AGAIN (this is the third visit in as many weeks). Hopefully the next round of antibiotics will kick this nasty infection she has. Poor little thing...she's really miserable and I'm worried about her. At least she doesn't have the strength to fight me when I give her the medicine. It's just me giving her medicine for the next couple of weeks and she can be a real hellcat. When we visited the vet a few days ago, Little Kitty (yes, that's her name and it really fits her) made a snuffing noise, and the vet said "She just gave me a cougar chuff!" That's my girl!

I've been reflecting on creativity and my creative process over the past couple of days. How difficult it is sometimes to engage in that process, and what I use to avoid it. For me, it's shopping. I feel a great urge to create but get fearful, not even consciously sometimes, and think, "Oh, I'll just go shopping for this or that". I would say shopping would be my drug of choice in stressful or difficult situations. Fortunately, I'm not like some folks that have 100's of pairs of shoes in their closets that they've never worn, but it feels like an avoidance tactic at best and an addiction at worst. Something I need to work with and stay as conscious as possible about.

On that note, off to the vet. If you would, keep Little Kitty in your thoughts...

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