Sunday, September 17, 2006


Here are some fun items I picked up from the CK Scrapbook convention in Phoenix yesterday. It was a great vendor show; just huge! And crammed with crazed female shoppers elbowing their way into booths to check out the goodies. To add to the excitement, the fire alarm went off during the show, so all the crowds had to evacuate the building. Not an easy thing when women are in the midst of a shopping frenzy! I know I felt reluctant to leave my stamps that I was just getting ready to purchase behind. We were herded across the street from the building, all of us chomping at the bit to get back inside. After about a half hour we were allowed back in. My friend and I made our final purchases then escaped to the relative peace of downtown and the car.

I love scrapbook products. The papers are luscious, and the other toys are just as much fun. I can't wait to have some time to dive in and start creating with my newfound treasures. Will post the results!

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kirsty said...

Yummy! Love the alphabet (rub-ons?)!