Tuesday, September 19, 2006

dressing as creative expression

I did this page as an homage to my love of clothing. For me, clothes and jewelry are another way to express my creativity. I've toyed with the idea of designing my own clothes, and may get to that yet. I really love the look of a pretty dress over blue jeans. Have yet to try that, but fall is coming!

I like this page, but am not crazy about the white pen I had to use. I need to find a good white pen that can be seen, yet isn't as thick as what I had to use here. Any suggestions on what would write on different surfaces?

I also got to use a couple of my new stamps I bought this weekend at the scrapbooking convention on my page. But before I use anymore, I need to get the proper cleaner for them. I should've bought the stuff at the show, but I thought baby wipes would work on the clear acrylic stamps. NOT! So I went on the website and ordered some cleaner today.

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