Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Ok, that's funny

Well, after I finished that last post and turned around, there in the box behind me was the camera cord! So I'm posting a few photos of my life the past few weeks:

This was a truck I found out at ASU campus shortly before I left. Great texture and color!

This is a park in Ashland. Funny to have a park so thick with foliage in basically a desert landscape.

This is an overview of the town as I gazed on a rooftop.

This was on the way to Ashland. Spectacular mountain, isn't it? Now, if I could only remember its name...

Yes, I was driving and taking pictures. I know, I know....

This was July 4th at the beach. It was super windy and kinda cold, but wow, what a view!

Here's me on the beach. In my borrowed wool sweater. Trying not to freeze to death.

And here's a shot of the water lilies on the lake kind of behind the ocean being enjoyed by the dogs who accompanied us on our walk. They had so much fun, but they smelled SO BAD afterwards!

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