Friday, July 13, 2007

I'm alive!

I finally have internet, so here I am! In beautiful, sunny Portland, OR. Yes, sunny! It's been beautiful since I got here a week and a half ago. From what I hear, this is summer in Portland. Yeah, I'm lovin it.

Let me start with my road trip. It was hard leaving AZ, there were a lot of tears, but once I got on the road, I started to feel excited. I drove by myself, and I'm glad I did. It was nice to have the time to myself, and only have to worry about me. I drove about 10 hours the first day, but hit a major traffic jam in California that set me back about 2 hours. Spent the night in a Best Western in the middle of nowhere. Seriously, there was NOTHING there! Flat farmland for miles in every direction. Probably much like Kansas in spots (remember "Children of the Corn"?).

Got up the next morning and hit the road early. In my travels that day I saw about 20 paintings I would've liked to have done. Many beautiful pastoral landscapes. Drove all day till I reached Ashland, OR and spent the night there. What a great little town! I took a walk in the park just around the corner from the hotel I stayed in shortly after I got there in the evening. It was filled with young families playing with their kids, some dreadlocked "travelers" hanging out playing guitars and drums, and older folks enjoying the trees and park benches. The next morning I walked up to town and stopped into the shops. They had some great little places there and I got a few things for my new home. Then I hit the road again around 1 pm and got into Portland about 5:30p.

July4, J and I drove up to Cape Meares for the day, just missing the July 4th parade. It started at 12N, and we arrived at 12:10p. Yep, it's pretty small. Then there was a town picnic/potluck loaded with yummy food that we enjoyed. A walk by the water after lunch, some visiting with new friends and watching the pelicans completed our day. It's so beautiful up there; rugged cliffs, crashing waves and a stiff wind. Wild.

The rest of the time so far has been spent getting settled, shopping for furniture and household goods and getting the cable,etc. hooked up. Am having a difficult time with my wireless router, so am confined to the living room floor to work online for now. I won't have a printer or scanner set up for a bit yet as I'm trying to fix my router. As soon as I have things set up, I'll post pictures and new art.

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Vicki said...

Hi. Nice to see you back online. I've been checking, and missing you. I['m glad your trip went so well, and I'm really proud of you for doing it alone. Good luck with the router thing. Wish I could have been more help. I'm looking forward to talking to you and M on Thursday on S. We'll see how that works out. I miss you a lot, but it sounds like you're in the perfect place for you. I can so picture you in your element there, and I know it's going to be good for you. Talk to you soon.