Wednesday, May 09, 2007


Here's the latest sketch done in my little moleskine while waiting for a school friend of mine at Starbuck's. This fellow didn't know he was being immortalized. Poor guy! I drew it with a Bic pen, your basic ballpoint.

Just finished school yesterday. It was bittersweet. I said goodbye to my class buddies and teachers, got and gave lots of hugs. It passed so quickly! Today, we went and signed the papers on the house, so as of Monday, I am no longer a home owner. And Saturday, I leave for two weeks to Portland. I'm feeling kind of numb right now. Preferable to completely panicked, I suppose.

I got a little digital camera for my purse, and I'll be taking lots of pics while in Portland. Don't know if I'll post there or wait till I get back. It depends on whether I take my computer with me or not. I really would prefer not to take it, as it's a pain getting through security with a computer and I'm traveling by myself, so no one to help me through the line.

Anyway, may get a chance to post again before Saturday.

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