Wednesday, May 30, 2007

I'm finally back

I'm back from Portland these past few days and making preparations for the move. I've done some of the major items, like banking and car changes, now I have to start packing. I find I'm dragging my feet a bit; it feels rather overwhelming. But I have to tell myself, "just start". Take the "one box at a time" attitude. Do it a few hours at a time instead of a packing marathon. I have some time yet, so I don't feel super pressured. Which can be both good and bad.

My last few days in Portland passed pleasantly. The weather was absolutely beautiful; sunny and warm. I got to spend time with my hostess/friend and it was great. It was the first opportunity we'd had to just relax and talk.

On Friday I went on a hike with one of my new friends there. We went to a place called Lost Lake. It's a hilly, forested area on a large lake with a stunning view of Mt Hood. We saw an osprey, who caught a fish right in front of us and flew up into the trees. The trees themselves are HUGE, and very old. I always feel like I'm in a cathedral in a forest. It really speaks to my soul. After we got back from the hike, myself, my hiking mate, and my hostess friends all went out to dinner at a little place called Wild Abandon. We sat out on the patio and enjoyed the warm breeze, some Sangria (yummy!), delicious food and fine conversation. It was a great way to end my initial visit to Portland.

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carla said...

Hi Kathy! How exciting that you're moving! I've never been to portland, but from everything I've heard, it sounds like such a cool place. Good luck with your move:>