Thursday, February 08, 2007

great graphic design in a small format

I found this book awhile back and it's fabulous! It's a book of business cards, but not just any business cards...they are like little pieces of art. Even the ones that are just typography are compelling to look at and very creative. I highly recommend a peek through if you come across this little gem.

My graphic design teacher keeps telling us, "put good design in your eyes so it can come out of your hands. You have to feed your eyes like you feed your stomach." That's exactly how I feel! I HAVE to have creative things to look at IS food for me. I can tell when I'm starving, and it's not a good feeling, for food or creative art. It's not optional; I have to have it to remain sane and happy.

I know my ex never really understood my need for magazines and books. But there's nothing better to me than to have a beautiful glossy magazine or book filled with pictures to look at before I go to sleep at night. It's like a midnight snack for my soul. I'm devouring whatever I can get my hands on lately, studying design avidly, and practicing like a lunatic on the computer. Graphic design world, here I come!

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missfestival said...

Hello Cousin! Thank you for the get-well card. I'm doing just fine and feeling a normal I haven't felt in years. I'm home for a snow-day today so I'm going to get caught up with you right now.
Love, Janny