Friday, February 02, 2007

Art every day!

Above: journal pages waiting for writing and some further embellishment.

Life is good. I get to do art every single day! In fact, I'll be in trouble if I don't. THAT's pretty cool!

My life is full of creative projects right now. I have lots going in each class. This weekend I have some things to work on, foremost art anatomy and my art journal. That's right...I get to work in my art journal AND am rewarded (by hopefully a good grade). I'm supposed to have two sketchbooks going right now, and I do, but I can use my actual art journal for one of the classes.

Tomorrow is an open session of figure drawing at school and I'm taking advantage of it. 6 hours worth. I should be able to get caught up and maybe do an extra credit drawing.

Will attempt again to post some class projects...we'll see how that goes.

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