Sunday, December 17, 2006

new art journal spread

I FINALLY sat down in my studio and did some art journaling. I have missed it so! I got the photo of the girl from Family Circle magazine...go figure!
This photo was in my mind for about 2 1/2 weeks, so I was very anxious to finally get to it. I started by gluing her down to a journal page, then letting her "talk" to me about what she wanted to become.

I'm finding now I have certain things in my "symbolic alphabet" (Anahata Katkin's term). Things that keep attracting me, coming into my art pieces consistently. Big things right now are halos, stars, wings, flowers, birds, type, and glitter letters.

It was really fun to magazine surf and look for inspiration in everything...a phrase or group of words here, a photo there, even advertisements!

I especially loved the photo at left because of the blurriness of the image and the joy on the little girl's face. I've included a couple of detail shots here too. Now, back to it!

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