Tuesday, March 06, 2007

some more drawing

Today between classes I finally got a chance to practice sketching from "Drawing Human Anatomy", a book I got last semester. It's full of anatomy drawings done in the style I'd like to learn. I'm really interested in using either pen or drafting pencils for drawing (I really don't like the charcoal) and using cross hatching for shading instead of blending.

I drew one of the illustrations from the book (see above) and was really happy with how it came out. If I can learn to draw from life this way, I'll be thrilled! It's one thing to copy a drawing; you learn a lot doing that, but to actually be able to draw like this on my own...wow. It just looks so much more lifelike and less cartoonish than the drawings I usually do.

I might add some collaging to this piece, embellish it a bit. I'm feeling a canvas coming with a figurative drawing and collage combined. It's been brewing for a couple of weeks. Maybe after school and my move to Portland.

Anyway, I guess the thing is, as with all types of pursuits like this; practice, practice, practice!

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