Sunday, July 30, 2006

new painting


This image has been floating around in my brain for awhile, and I finally got to put her down on canvas. This piece had a lot of challenges that I enjoyed; getting the fabric to look like fabric, the wings (which were REALLY a challenge!) and the question of adding the birds and nest or not. I find it's much more challenging to work on something you've created in your mind rather than looking at a subject and painting it. It's tougher because you don't have the objects that you're painting in front of you, for example the fabric on her dress, and the wings. I just winged it (no pun intended!) and I'm pretty happy with it.
close-up of painting


d. said...

VERY cool! E-mail me about Artfest...

StarFields said...

The posture of the angel is very thoughtful. I like the turquoise of the dress, striking against the natural colours of the background. Cool!