Friday, July 28, 2006

a little scrapbooking and some new products

This afternoon I spent some time working in my France journal. It headed more in the direction of scrapbooking and collage rather than painting. I purchased some beautiful postcards while in France and wanted to incorporate them into my journal. So I played and had some fun.

I also got some wonderful things at the Paper Studio today.
I've been drooling over some Cavallini products for a little
while now, and decided since I had some early birthday money
I would buy the bird stamps and stickers. I also bought the
bird paper from Cavallini at the Paper Studio's anniversary sale.

This is what I did with the paper and stickers.

I've always had a fascination with birds. Seeing a bird, especially one I don't see often like a blue heron, never fails to lift my spirit. I just can't be sad or down when I've spotted a beautiful bird. In that fleeting moment of sight I am uplifted on the wind with them.

I love using them in my art; I like the imagery of birds being messengers of the soul. I find a lot of solace and inspiration in nature, but sadly where I live I don't get much access to nature.
Oddly, there are several bird colonies that are living in the runoff of our manmade lake (yes, a lake in the desert...go figure), and I see them flying overhead while barreling down the freeway, blue herons, snowy white egrets, and sometimes Canadian geese. They are a small miracle to me, and I feel thankful to have even that brief contact.


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Arthur Browning said...

It might be girly girl but the two i saw were really beautiful. Please send me the jpgs of the two on your blog article if you will let me post them on my blog witha short article.

Arthur Browning said...

I posted these two on my blog with links. Hope you get some recognition.