Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Back from the Polar Vortex

Happy new year! I have finally returned from back east. Got back last Thursday night and have been busy ever since! I've been working on some new jewelry ideas for spring, and I am planning a full revamp of my etsy store. I am also looking at some other online venues as well as new cities and shops. Looking forward to a busy and successful 2014!

The time back east was wonderful. So beautiful, despite the cold temperatures. We got in some visits to the ocean (stayed in the car, though!) and got out and about. Here are a few photos:

I worked quite a bit while I was there and had two trunk shows, as well as sending product out to my shops. Right now I am thinking about my spring line. Here is a sample of what I'm up to:

I will be busy re-photographing my jewelry for the shop over the next several days, I will keep you up on the progress.

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