Wednesday, June 06, 2007

small journal page

Finally sat down the other night and worked in my small journal. It felt so good to do that. All this moving stuff has everything in chaos, my studio looks like a bomb hit it, and I'm at least a month and a half out from getting everything settled. I've kept a little "journal kit" out, so I'll be able to do a little bit anyway during this time of upheaval and resettling.

I'm leaving Phoenix on 6/30, hoping to arrive in Portland on 7/1. It's a 2o hour drive, over 1300 miles. I'll get there, spend a couple of days with my friends while I buy a bed and basic supplies to get me going in my new place. IKEA opens 7/25 there, so I will be waiting a bit to get some furniture, etc. from there. It will be bare bones for about a month. I won't set up my new studio until after I get bookshelves, etc. to store all my supplies.

I also plan to hit lots of garage sales for furniture that I can repaint, refinish, and use in my new place. Portland is the town for re-use and thrifting, and I'm looking forward to doing some creative things for my new home.

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