Sunday, October 29, 2006

life drawings

I've been working on getting my second portfolio ready for this coming Tuesday. We've been focusing on portraits for the past couple of weeks. I've really enjoyed the portrait section. Trying to capture the likeness of the person is challenging, but a fun challenge.

I've been going back and forth on taking some form of life drawing again in the spring. I don't particularly care for the medium we use (charcoal) because it's so messy. It's funny...I'm an artist but I hate getting my hands dirty! But another semester to hone my figure drawing skills sounds tempting. I'm particularlly drawn to the "Art of Human Anatomy" class offered in the spring. We would be focusing even more on the anatomy of the human body, would actually draw from a cadaver that's present with us (kinda weird, but interesting), and really focus on how the body goes together.

I'm so glad I've had this class because I've felt rather blocked lately in my art journaling attempts. If I didn't have this class, I think I would pretty much be doing nothing creatively. I feel an overwhelming desire to work in the journal medium, but when I sit down, I can't seem to put anything together. I'm trying to stay patient with myself, allow myself to be where I am right now and not put pressure on myself to "perform". A lot has been going on personally, and that's taking a lot of energy. Between that and school I don't have much left over.

Today I have to finish my body parts... one more nose and three mouths to go! I'll post more drawings over the next few days.

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